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Excavating agrarian transformation under ‘secure’ crop booms: insights from the China-Myanmar borderland


Xiaobo Hua, Yasuyuki Kono, Le Zhang

Corresponding authors: Xiaobo Hua, e-mail: huaxiaobo1988@gmail.com

The Journal of Peasant Studies, Published online


Abstract: This paper examines the transformation of agrarian livelihoods due to crop booms at the China-Myanmar borderland. A key finding is that local villagers have rented out their land to outside investors looking to make fruit boom investments. However, the villagers neither cultivated the same crops themselves, nor were they hired as wage laborers. Overall, this study finds that crop booms provide local villagers with opportunities to reallocate natural resources and adjust their livelihoods. We argue that the dynamics of agrarian livelihoods are co-produced as the result of transnational labor migration and state-led borderland repositioning under secure land tenure relations. This study contributes to the current discussion regarding the changes undergone by an agrarian society experiencing crop booms.

Keywords: Crop boom; tenure security; agrarian transformation; agrarian differentiation; transnational labor migration; borderland


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