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Battle for legitimacy: revisiting autochthony and (re)invented authority in Zimbabwe’s resettlement areas


Edmore Mwandiringana, Jingzhong Ye

Corresponding authors: Jingzhong Ye, e-mail: yejz@cau.edu.cn

Review of African Political Economy, Published online


Abstract: This study examines the intersection of autochthony and (re)invented claims of authority in Zimbabwe’s resettlement areas, exploring how traditional leaders and war veterans battle for legitimacy in the resettlement areas. It argues that despite the general view that chiefs are recognised by everyone in the rural areas, their legitimacy is being challenged and in some cases with the use of violence. Although chiefs are recognised as the legitimate leaders in some resettlement areas, this study shows that their authority is being challenged in Insiza District’s resettlement area, covering Mpalawani, Gwamanyanga, Mpopoti and Lambamayi. The study also highlights how difffferent people defifine autochthony, tradition and belonging in Zimbabwe’s resettled areas.

Keywords: Autochthony; authority; chiefs; Fast Track Land Reform programme (FTLRP); modernism

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