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Reading markets politically: on the transformativity and relevance of peasant markets

Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, Jingzhong Ye, Sergio Schneider

Corresponding author:  Jingzhong Ye, e-mail: yejz@cau.edu.cn

The Journal of Peasant Studies, Published online


Abstract: This paper discusses how newly constructed peasant markets are increasingly extending beyond the boundaries (and limits) of the local. This brings their new potentials in relevance and transformativity. The paper includes a comprehensive definition of peasant markets. It is also meant as a reply to those who argue that capitalism cannot be fought by using one of its main mechanisms: the market. By presenting three case studies that describe different peasant markets, the paper argues that while markets are increasingly governed by large imperial networks, peasant markets are emerging as major vehicles of, and for, transformative struggles.

Keywords: Peasant markets; nested markets; transformativity; relevance


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