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Experience the world as a weak person

Jingzhong Ye

Corresponding authors: Jingzhong Ye, e-mail: yejz@cau.edu.cn

The Journal of Peasant Studies, Published online


Abstract: On 23 June 2019, as Dean of the College of Humanities and Development Studies (COHD) at China Agricultural University, I delivered a speech entitled Experience the world as a weak personat the graduation ceremony. However, in our society, everyone wants to become strong, and no one wants to be weak. It is observed that in Chinese society the increase in material wealth has gone hand in hand with an increase in rage and hostility. One of the reasons behind is that many people approach society and treat others with the mentality of a strong person. In fact, people are not at all able to comprehend the life realities and inner worlds of the weak ones, thus we need to maintain an attitude of trying to experience the world as a weak person.

Keywords: weak person; strong person; ordinary people; respect



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