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Reflecting on the Plantationocene: the political economy of sugarcane plantations in Guangxi, China

Chunyu Wang, Yunan Xu

Corresponding authors: Yunan Xu, e-mail: yunan@iss.nl;

The Journal of Peasant Studies, Published online


Abstract: This paper reflects on the concept of the Plantationocene through an analysis of sugarcane plantations in Guangxi province, China. It argues that although these plantations are owned and operated by local villagers, they are de facto controlled by corporations, and subject to state intervention through a zoning scheme. They are constructed and operated according to the same logic as other plantations all over the world, namely, the logic of extraction based on cheap land and labor. By demonstrating that plantations are not necessarily large-scale and do not always entail the alienation of land and labor, this paper hopes to empirically broaden the concept of the Plantationocene and to highlight the extractive nature of and the power relations around plantations.

Keywords: Plantationocene; sugarcane plantations; China; corporate control



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